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Akagera National Park
Country(s): Rwanda

Named after the river which runs along the eastern boundary, the Akagera NP is Rwanda’s answer to the famous savannah reserves of East and Southern Africa. The park supports an extensive network of wetlands; a complex of a dozen lakes linked by papyrus swamps and winding water channels fed by the mighty Akagera river.

Herds of Elephant and Buffalo emerge from the woodlands to drink at the lakes and lucy visitors might come across a leopard, spotted hyena or lion. Giraffe, Zebra and more than a dozen type of antelope, including the world’s largest antelope, the cape Eland inhabit the park.

The lakes support some of the highest concentration of hippo you’ll ever find anywhere in Africa, while outsized crocodiles soak up the sun with their massive jaws menacingly agape.

Lining the lakes are some of the continents densest concentration of water birds while the connecting marshes are the haunt of endangered and exquisite species like the papyrus gonolek and the bizarre shoebill stork - the later being perhaps Africa’s rarest bird.

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