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Wildlife and People of Kenya

Since the time of Vasco da Gama, Kenya has continued to amaze her visitors with her stunning topographical diversity, including the snow capped mount Kenya – the second highest point in Africa sitting astride the equator, mysterious deserts, tropical rain forests, splendid savannahs teaming with wildlife, long stretches of white sand beaches along the shores of the Indian ocean, the Great Rift valley cutting through the entire country’s length from north to south with its numerous lakes that are home to a vast variety of birds and beautiful volcanoes lining its floor.
Kenya is the home of the traditional safari. Safari is a Swahili word meaning ‘journey’ but in English today, it has become a synonym for wildlife viewing in Africa. This and other Swahili words like Jambo - meaning hello, have become universal and this is a straight confirmation of Kenya’s popularity among other tourist destinations of this world. One of the factors that enhance her popularity is the hospitality that visitors to Kenya continue to enjoy - the hospitality that is characteristic with the Kenyan people. Because of this, visitors always feel welcome, making discovery journeys through the country always a pleasant success.

A description of Kenya would not be complete without paying tribute to the rich Kaleidoscope of traditions and folklore. Today the country’s population stands at roughly 32million yet there are 42 different ethnic tribes, each one of them subscribing to their unique cultures and a number of them still preserving the traditions that their ancestors subscribed to, centuries ago.

The highlight of a holiday in Kenya is without doubt visiting the beautiful nature reserves. The national parks, game reserves and private sanctuaries in this part of the world are a marvel to behold. This is Big Game country. Whenever the name is mentioned, you think of great herds of wildebeest and Zebra rushing across a fast flowing river that is infested with hunter crocodiles in the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle – the great migration! You think of majestic lions patrolling their territories in the great savannahs and you think of the sights and sounds of Africa – an acacia tree silhouetted against the fading presence of the African golden sunset while the birds entertain you to their truly magnificent tunes.

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